Share Links for Mobile Money

Share Links for mobile money is an incentive feature that was added to SocialPay Uganda to widen the reach of promoted links. At a basic level, you share links that are promoted(paid for) for a 28% commission per click. You earn about UGX 10 when the link you shared gets visited by people.
This is not just your average affiliate program. we are not looking for people to spam other social networks to generate visits. We filter and pay for unique traffic that is deemed as organic traffic (real people).


  1. We filter by location; that is, visitors have to reside within Uganda since you are operating in Uganda.
  2. Links shared have an expiry period of 4 hrs. To earn from that link again, you will have to generate a new link.

How does it help the socialpay user?

The user can earns a 28% commission per link i.e UGX 10 per unique visit to link you shared. You get paid every time, a real user visits the link you shared.

How does it help the owner of the promoted link?

This approach can add the viral effect and can vastly extend the reach of your link. It filters useless traffic and focuses on organic traffic.


Share Links for Mobile Money
Share Links for Mobile Money

Get the SocialPay App

If you haven’t done so already, the first step would be to download the app. The app comes for android and ios (apple) platforms.
Simply search for “Socialpay Uganda” on playstore or appstore.
For all other users, just fire up your browser and go to the web app version. The web app works well on all browsers with exception of Opera Mini. Do not use Opera Mini to view as it will fail.
We have also written a small article here explaining how to download socialpay. Once you have the App, register an account.


What Next

When the app has loaded and you have logged in(signed in). Please tap the “Share Links for Mobile Money” button.

Share Links for Mobile Money
Share Links for Mobile Money

Select Link to Share to Earn Mobile Money
Select Link to Share to Earn Mobile Money

Select link as shown in image to the left and tap the share button to generate a link that you can share on whatsapp, twitter or facebook.

You will also be shown in realtime the statistics and how much money you have earned.

Remember When you share a link, you only get paid per unique visit from a real human within Uganda.

You can also withdraw your earning into your running balance, then you can withdraw it by sending it to your mobile money account


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