Sell online using social media – 9 Tips everyone in Uganda should know.

Sell online using social media
Sell online using social media

Sell online using social media: Making your first sale online in Uganda can be a very daunting process. You do what you’ve been told to, then wonder, “why don’t i make a sale?”, “These things don’t work”. Then your abandon without even trying.

Don’t despair, The problem is that most merchants don’t do the required research. Here at socialpay, we have been doing enough research from existing merchants and come up with a few tips to help you get your first sale on Socialpay.

Now that you have installed and tested socialpay, the next thing is making your first sale. By now, you should’ve faced a bit of a struggle getting your first sale online. Don’t worry, you’re not alone many other merchants face this problem. Making it the number one problem every new merchant faces on social media.

Though Socialpay helps in automating the processes and adds the local  payment component to it (mobile money/visa),  there are still things you’ll have to do to make your first sale and stand out from the rest.

Sell online using social media – The tips

  1. Get a verified merchant account; Getting a verified merchant account increases trust from potential buyers. This alone could be the single deciding factor before a sale is made. Also, with a verified merchant account, you will be able to promote links throughout the whole socialpay network and can also cashout your money in realtime. Ref: Verified merchant account – why and how do i get one?
  2. Leverage your Family, Friends and Fools;  This in marketing lingo is known as the triple F. Write a checklist of at least 50 friends/family/fools you know that might be able to buy your product. Using socialpay, share the product link using whatsapp, facebook, twitter or email. This method only costs you a bit of time and could have dramatic results. Ref: 1. How to create product links 2. How to share links using socialpay to social media
  3. Your facebook status; Using Socialpay, your product will nicely be wrapped with the title, description, image and local payment methods you need. However, you can go further by adding scarcity keywords like “just 3 left”. Also, factor these in your product titles etc. Statistics show, 62% of facebook users read product related comments of products from friends and 75% of these will click through to view or buy your products.
  4. The Big Brother; For a start, offer a discount to the first buyers. Tell them they have 24hrs left to buy the product or it will be out of stock or given to someone else. Create this sense of urgency in your titles too.
  5. Leverage facebook groups that already exist In Uganda, there are various facebook communities you could leverage to get targeted reach. Share your socialpay links there and finish the chain for your potential  buyers. Ref: Top 30 facebook groups in Uganda where you can sell your stuff for free.
  6. #Hashtags Using hashtags isn’t a way of being the most #millennial you can be. It helps people discover new things that aren’t in their feed. But there’s an art to hash tagging for your product. Super broad hashtags, like #art, #illustration or #shirt for example, are too general.
  7. Share, Post, Share, Post
    I can’t stress this enough: utilize social. media. It’s called social media for a reason, it gains you an audience. You won’t get any sales if you have no one to sell to. So get to posting and growing that audience!
  8. Give Stuff Away For Free When people see their friends wearing or buying something cool, they figure “Oh, that looks great. Where can I get one?” Want to try to reach an audience outside your sphere? Reach out to influencers who might be interested in your products  see if you can send them some. In exchange for free swag you might convince them to promote your shop/products on their social channels.
  9. Experiment and Don’t Give Up Dont Give Up. When something doesn’t work, its not a failure – its an experience to help you figure out what ELSE you should try. Don’t be afraid of something not working – experiment, try different ways of getting your work out there. It helps you find out what works and what doesn’t so that you can build on the stuff that’s working and scrap the crap.
What makes SocialPay Special? Benefits of SocialPay
What makes SocialPay Special? Benefits of SocialPay
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    At the moment, no. We provide the sellers phone number to the buyer so as they can communicate on delivery/pickup prior to making the transaction. We shall update this thread when we have added a delivery process to socialpay

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