Do’s and Donts’ on Customer Care Online

Customer care is a form of honoring customers and showing them that they are treasured. This can be done effectively through immediate response to difficulties customers may face with products, service, delivery issues or misinterpretation of the company roles in rendering these services. Customer Care is very vital for any online business and may be the one ticket to either gaining or losing clients. Now below are a few cautions to follow when carrying out customer care services;

Do: Resolve customer issues as quickly and kindly as you can.
Don’t: Ignore negative reviews or customer concerns.

Companies get in major trouble with their customers by ignoring bad reviews/comments. When a company has bad public relations then its business won’t move swiftly therefore if an occurrence happens that the public has a complaint about the company services, it is in the best interest of the company to quickly attend to these complaints calmly so that they can forge a way forward with their clients.

Do: Use positive language when talking to your customers.
Don’t: Use negative phrases like “I can’t” or “I won’t.”

Instead of using words like “can’t” or “won’t,” try to find new ways to state something negative. There may happen to be an issue at hand which conflicts with your policy, offer to help however way you can and come up with a solution that works for both you and the client. This sounds a lot mature and customer friendly so that you don’t go off on a bad note.

Do: Only make promises that you can keep.
Don’t: Lose your customers’ trust by disappointing them.

If you assure your customer that they will receive their product on or before June 30, then you need to make sure you can deliver on that promise. Otherwise, they’ll become understandably irritated, and they might even leave a bad review. If you aren’t absolutely sure about something, then don’t make any promises. People don’t want to buy from people who can’t be trusted, so make sure your customers can rely on your word.

Do: Go the extra mile to make your customers feel valued.
Don’t: Treat your customers like they’re simply a way for you to make money.

A little bit of extra care can do a lot when it comes to your customers. Make sure you’re doing something special for them to show your appreciation. Not only will this keep them shopping but it’ll set you apart from the competition on the market. For example, if you’re selling soaps, you could include a small sample of one of your other products, like a different soap or some bath salts. Either way, make the services rendered personal – address your customer by their name and be sure to express how thankful you are for their business. Customer service can be tough sometimes, If you find yourself struggling with a customer issue, simply remember to treat that person the way that you would want to be treated.

Do: Make your policies clear.
Don’t: Leave customers guessing as to what is and isn’t allowed.

When you’re selling products online, your clients are bound to have issues with you more frequently. A lot of these issues can be prevented or even resolved if you take the time to create policies and make them clearly visible to your buyers. Asking yourself what could go wrong can be a great way to start. Think about what customer disputes are likely to happen. Then, build your policies around those key points. That way, when an issue arises, it is easy for you to sort out as your rules are clearly listed in your shop. This leaves less confusion as your customers will know the rules for purchasing from you.

The tips above are liable to trigger great customer relationships as it leaves them contented fully with services rendered to them by just the minor things above that most people consider inappropriate hence success in your business. So in order to improve on your customer retention & succeed in your business, pick a leaf from the tips above.

A happy customer is a lifetime customer.

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