What makes SocialPay Special? Benefits of SocialPay

What makes SocialPay Special? Benefits of SocialPay
What makes SocialPay Special? Benefits of SocialPay

With all the millions of online shopping sites and apps, you could ask yourself, “What makes socialpay standout or so special?”. I mean, why socialpay? what are the benefits of SocialPay.


  • Viral Reach – Promoted products are visible throughout the whole socialpay network and viral affiliate network. Yes, we pay our members with mobile money for sharing your links so they get a wider and more organic reach.
  • Simplicity In Uganda, the process of selling something online can be so daunting. It involves a high learning curve and the process is not straight forward. To some, you are even told to create an eCommerce website to expand your business. With SocialPay, Just create a link to product, share the link with your customers, receive mobile money payments. It cannot get any simpler.
  • Cost As a serious merchant you are always advised to create an eCommerce website and sell online. This is a huge cost and is not guranteed to work. On top of the payments being glitchy, Your website will not receive enough traffic because you have to create awareness. Another cost. I could go on for ever but you get the gist of things.
  • Security – For as long as payment is involved, security will always be paramount. Socialpay’s underlying technology is PCI DSS v3 complaint. The same standard used by leading banks.
  • Private Sometimes you are not interested in the public and would like to sell or collect money from a private group. SocialPay Uganda provides private links by default and it is up to you to share with a certain group.
  • Quality Control unlike other shopping websites which allow just about any one to transact including fraudsters, SocialPay vets its verified merchants by visiting premises and approving business documents. We clearly state that you should deal with verified merchants. We discourage transacting with unapproved merchants as shown below.
    Verified Merchant Seal Unverified Merchant Warning

    verified merchant seal
    verified merchant seal

    Warning message for unverified merchants
    Warning message for unverified merchants
  • Expands on Mobile Money capabilities Mobile Money has revolutionized the payment industry. The advantages are endless but the capabilities have been somewhat limited. SocialPay extends mobile money capabilities by tapping into the lucrative retail industry. SocialPay allows the merchants to keep their business model while using mobile money and get extended reach, realtime reports and reconciliations.
  • Share Links For Mobile Money As of version 1.7.0, we have added a feature to help increase sharing and the viral aspect of things. We have added a module where any socialpay user can share other promoted links for a small amount of money. Users share other peoples links and get a cut on each time the link is visited.
  • Easy intergration with existing eCommerce websites we have developed a woocommerce mobile money plugin that integrates easily with any existing wordpress website. You can use this plugin to add socialpay as a payment gateway. To read more on this WordPress Mobile Money Plugin (Airtel/MTN Mobile Money) for woocommerce.
  • Buyers dream come true when someone is buying something online, that is all they want to do. They are not interested in registration, downloading etc. SocialPay does not require a buyer to register or download the socialpay app. Just pay for product and receive receipt… simple as that.
  • Down Payments socialpay allows buyers to buy products in installments. In Uganda, this is a popular method of payment so why change it. Once the down payment or first installment is paid, the product stock adjusts accordingly and your item is booked for you until payment is completed.
  • Free Inventory Management and Reports socialpay provides free and realtime reports of all transactions including detailed statements. The stock is also adjusted accordingly giving you time to do what matters, share links and receive payments.
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