Ecommerce Tales from Kikuubo

During my S6 vacation, I happened to get a job as a shop attendant in one of the shops in Kikuubo that dealt in plastic (basins, buckets, cups, plates, name it). I was supposed to make sales but I didn’t even think about the hustle people go through looking for market for these products since almost all the neighboring shops were selling the same items.

The whole sale store was quite big with over 5 salesmen (each given monthly targets) in the shop. As a fresh high school graduate with all my excitement of working and earning 10,000shs a day I was all smiles not realizing that my boss desperately needed the sales. Being the young and energetic girl that I am, I used to stand outside the shop calling for customers. I would shout loud & long in the scorching sun and then take part in balancing the inventory (remaining stock) at the end of the day. It was very strenuous work. Not exactly what I had anticipated doing for a long time. It was just a holiday gig as far as I was concerned.

Unfortunately or fortunately, I wasn’t able to go back to school due to family financial constraints. The holiday gig, became a permanent job. It’s not easy to get employed especially without a university education. So 8 years down the road, I was a Co-owner to a plastic whole sale store in Kikubo!

Early this month while I was balancing in the evening, I got a text message via Whatsapp. It was a link from a friend who sells clothes at Nabugabo. I clicked the link and it led me to a page that had all the products that he sells! I looked through and made my pick for the fun of it (we support each other). It gave me payment options, MTN, Airtel, Visa & Mastercard. Ofcourse I went with the mobile money option. I kid you not, my mobile money was deducted. He then gave me a call asking for where he could deliver my newly acquired dress. To say I was shell shocked is an understatement. I was super excited, because I immediately saw the changes this would make in our business. I gave him a call to find out more about this app.

You see, I have been revolutionizing the way that business is being done in Kikuubo. I had set up a facebook page for our store & I occasionally sent out the product catalog to friends and family via whatsapp. The only hitch I had was in getting payments. This app was bound to change all that for me.

Social Pay Africa, it’s a mobile app which can be used to sell products to family and friends that know and trust you. You can pay for products or services in full or in installments via MTN, Airtel Money, Visa and Master Card. You then simply share your store link created via the different social media channels.

So this is what my new typical day is like. I count my inventory and take pictures of all the products that I sell, upload them to the SocialPay app and put all the information, prices and phone number for the customers to reach me. I create a link which I share with all my friends on whatsapp and facebook. Sit back, and wait for the orders to come through. I can even monitor my inventory knowing what I have sold out and what is left in the store hence making my evenings better. This amazing app has not only increased my sales but also helped in advertising our shop to a wide range of people. Selling has just been made easier. You can visit the SocialPay website for more info

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