Crowdfunding in the Church

I am a firm believer in giving back to the God that has brought me this far in life. I do not even pay heed to the generalization that people have against people that give back in church. If it is for a cause such as building the house of the Lord then I do not think I have a limit. This is crowdfunding after all! I have always subconsciously prayed that people can start giving back to the church for the good of the society too. So many helpless women and children out there that would use the help of the church. I am not even here to preach today and pardon me if it seems like I am half way into the sermon.

Every Sunday in my church that is located in one of Kampala’s suburbs, we are encouraged to give back to God as a way of showing gratitude through offertory or tithe. For me, that is like killing two birds with a stone, thanksgiving to God and building the church. However, people are bent down on believing that somehow the church does not put all the money gathered, into helping the society. “That money passes through many hands, we do not even know if it is put in the local orphanage sponsored by the church” cried out one elderly man that frequents the church.

As an elder in the church, I felt that this was going to be an issue, a big issue as time went by. So what could I do to help and make sure the church kept its reputation? We needed a transparent solution for the churchs crowdfunding initiatives. My second born teenage daughter had witnessed this situation. She further went ahead to mention that there could be a solution. She told me about SocialPay as a platform where people could make collective payments for a cause (crowdfunding). This struck a chord with me! Suddenly, we had a solution. I immediately called the Senior Pastor who wasted no time in registering  the different causes on SocialPay and encouraged the congregation to use the SocialPay app to send their contributions for the orphanage directly to the orphanage SocialPay account. This was a breakthrough. God helped to prevent a scandal through introducing my church to SocialPay. Now church members send their contributions though the SocialPay platform that is easily done using Airtel and MTN mobile money. Even our American sponsors find it a lot easier as they send their contribution using the plugins that enable the use of the visa and the master cards.

I believe there are many more people out there that would like to get out of such a puzzle. I advise you download SocialPay, register and get started. It will solve a lot of problems. Oh and by the way, the youth in the church have gone ahead to use the platform for income generation for example Jack the carpenter, uploads a picture of every object he makes and he’s sales have since increased. Download Socialpay, earn by using it and also help give back to society.

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