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My grandfather once told me that “He that knows not, that he knows not; knows not, that he knows not!” (Confusing right? Read it slower) and indeed many of us unknowingly have no clue of what is going on around us. You must be asking yourself, ‘What don’t I know?’ Well, let me take you to school J

We are currently in the second half of the year 2017, and some of us can already feel the festive season where most of us take a breather off our busy schedules to go meet our families and loved ones.  So isn’t this perfect time to have some fun too! Go on trips, vacations and holidays since you are with your family and loved ones! But as you very well know, these amazing moments obviously don’t come by free of charge and can actually amount to quite a huge sum of money. Why not think of paying in installments, starting now!

So this is how you can do it. SocialPay is here to make it easy for you. A platform through which you can pay for the ideal vacation in installments without going through the hustle of using bank deposits or even having to go to the physical addresses each time you need to make a payment. You may now pay for your vacation while seated at home or at work, by making a pick from any of the holiday packages on the Social Pay platform. Payments can be made via MTN Mobile Money, Airtel Money, Visa & Master Card.

YES the platform is very transparent and after every transaction you make, you will receive SMS’ with full details of your transactions. So what are you waiting for!!! Let’s say bye bye to the hustle of bank queues and say hello to convenience with Social Pay.

In case you did not know about social pay, now you know! By the way, am already paying for my familymoon sorry I mean  my honeymoon due to take place in 2019  through the Social Pay platform J So don’t be left behind, download the app & get started today.

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