I’m getting MARRIED

Five months to the end of the year! Time can fly. This is the time when most people hold their parties, weddings and introductions & this time around, I’m no exception. I am on a major count down & here’s why, come November, I finally officially introduce my sweetheart to my family and friends. I just cannot wait.

My soul mate & I have managed to save some money which has helped me cover some service providers but as you all know there is always a contribution that comes from friends, relatives, and workmates. This has been easy for me thanks to the SocialPay collection platform. I have easily got the pledges paid in time and this has fastened and simplified my preparations. All I did was create a cause in the app and share the link to the cause via the different social media platforms. You know how you are in so many whatsapp & facebook groups? Well, this came in handy. I simply shared the link to my Social Pay cause & all they did was follow the link & make the payments. It was super easy.

My friends & relatives in the diaspora like Aunt Pamela and Sanyu who live in the US, managed to send me their contribution using their Master Cards  to my SocialPay account and at cheaper rates which was amazing and convenient.

So worry no more, with this exciting innovation, SocialPay, collection of money is simpler through the use of Mtn or Airtel mobile money, visa card and master card at a cheaper rates, no  matter where u are. Collection of pledges has been made easy with Social Pay. Sharing is caring so now you know.

In the meantime, Dear November, please come soon 🙂

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