Calling all Slay Kings & Queens

The slay generation is headed by the slay king and slay queen. This is interesting mostly because there isn’t anything or any kingdom that exists and entails those particular titles, well at least not in my Uganda. Twenty years ago, one would have never thought that the time will come when living the lifestyle most saw on television, would come. I am talking about how it only stopped at admiring and ogling at our favorite local and international celebrities, how they dressed, why they dressed the way they did, & where we could get cheaper knock offs ( you know what I mean). I personally dreamed of dressing up people fancy. I do not do online stalking for nothing, creepy as it might sound. I am mostly looking out for the latest designs and the most talked fashion craze so I can go back home and draw in my sketch book what I am about to amaze Ugandans with. I think by now you can tell that I’m such a fashion freak, fashionista, slay queen J you name it. Fashion is in my blood & it is where I intend to make my money from. Following my dreams.

So there I was, minding my business online, when I chanced upon Social Pay. An online platform that enables you to showcase your items (whatever it maybe, apart from illegal substances, of course) for sell in different social media platforms. Interested buyers can then make payments or deposits on your products via MTN, Airtel Mobile money, Visa & Master Card at the click of a link. Ladies and gentlemen, I am here to let you in on my new found haven. I do not need a radio advertisement or for my designs and clothes collection to be posted in a newspaper for me to be visible to the fashion industry. I write this with tears of gratitude (yes, I’m that dramatic J ) because it is with the SocialPay platform where I get the chance to showcase my product and also make sales. It is mind blowing how I can just upload a picture of an off shouder “kitenge” blouse and a link is created. I then share the link on my whatsapp, facebook or instagram. Sounds convenient, of course it is. I don’t have to vendor but yet I can still to get in touch with a large number of buyers online. Ecommerce just hit the fashion industry in Uganda really hard thanks to Socialpay.

You too can make your dreams come true with SocialPay. I am making mine and also for some others. Our slay generation, remember…. I am making it happen for them. Lead the lifestyle you want, while making an extra buck with SocialPay. Download the app and get started today, no matter your hustle.

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