I want to Marry You

For a while now I have wondered now and again how one would gather the courage and come up with awesome ideas to tell their better halves that they want to make it official and boldly look them in the eye and say, ‘I want to marry you’ or ask the godly question, “will you marry me?”

Last week, I witnessed a friend of mine say their vows and promised to be with this lovely lady for the rest of their lives right at the altar. I was wooed! This is the first wedding I ever attended and it got me some serious butterflies in my stomach. I asked myself, “when is the right time for one to say these words and truly mean them to their spouse?’ I wouldn’t ever get to know if I keep asking myself…maybe it’s an impulse that such happens or maybe its peer or family pressure, I don’t know.

But over the times, for one to really be sure that they are ready to get married they ought to know what awaits them and they have to have some form of organization to make this happen smoothly. Folks are getting married each day that goes by while some people can’t even sustain a relationship for even a few months, now what’s this rocket science. I guess not.

At what point does one really feel they are ready for a wedding and are focused on taking that step? Surely When is that time? I loathe knowing just to use a tip. To some, weddings are overrated while to others weddings are the real deal. Either way, to seal a relationship in this age and era, we really need to have a wedding which for me I believe is almost every girl’s dream.

If you are to gather all the courage you need to say the ‘will you marry me’ words, then brother you really need to be ready for what lies ahead. From the kwanjula to the actual wedding, a lot has to be done and when you are on your honeymoon you will surely have a smile.

A friend who got married at the start of this year once told me the hustle he went through to put together one of the most memorable days of his life but he used a trick that helped him even better. When he learned of a crowdsourcing module he could use, his thoughts landed on SocialPAY a platform that allows you call for action without actually having to go through a lot of pain. He was amazed at the turn up from his former schoolmates, workmates, and relatives who quickly contributed to this cause from the comfort of their zones.

For me, it’s safe to say you need all the avenues you can use so as to have a great wedding with your friends and SocialPay is out here to give you that starter pack.
So future wifey, if you may please accept my proposal, I want to Marry You!

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