Buy Ugandan, Build Uganda – BUBU

For a while now, the Ugandan solidarity and spirit have increased among Ugandans and they have come up with all forms of names, phrases, sayings, and acronyms to raise their country. The latest, BUBU (Buy Ugandan, Build Uganda) is the new thing and hottest trend on the market to promote Uganda.

In short, BUBU is a campaign to implore Ugandans to build their nation but supporting products made by their own nationals so as told the Ugandan economy other than buying. The campaign aims at supporting local folks who are into making local crafts, customized t-shirts, shoes, bracelets, clothes, bags.

The campaign is seemingly taking ground thanks to the social media hype and has actually implored a great section of Ugandans to support and buy locally made products such as branded t-shirts and bags. This is great….right? Well, there is an even better way to make this tick.

Using SocialPay you can translate the many friends into actual customers for the benefit of BUBU. The platform offers you the ability to market your products and meeting potential customers on social media by simply sharing a link that is automatically generated when you put up an advert.

With only a click, SocialPay gives you the ability to greatly contribute to the BUBU-mania that has hit Uganda and also not miss out. This platform offers a link between the buyers and the seller’s by just a click.

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