What are your saving traits like?

Saving like among many things is arguably one of the hardest things you can keep a trend on because it is something that entails quite a number of things to achieve. I will be honest, over the past times, I have failed to keep up with anything related to saving whatsoever because of my traits that I have over and again failed to tame. Those who have their finances under control possess a set of core traits that escalates them into financial superstardom.

I have gone back and forth to try and understand myself and gratification. Draw the line I need to overcome the lack of this trait. I have since come to terms that if you have delayed gratification as a trait, it is a starter to making savings tick for you.

Money Smart people don’t make sacrifices for the sake of making sacrifices. The better way to look at is “pay-offs.” For instance, not eating out for a year, even though you love the Mexican restaurant down the street so that you can save that extra cash for a down payment isn’t really a sacrifice when you know you’ll be getting something so much better.

Those trade-offs like living on a budget, driving at the ten-year-old car, and not shopping for clothes are to all for the greater good of what you’ll eventually be getting that money but surely how long are you going to be living such a life all in the name of saving. Well, you have to! No pain no gain, remember?

The Bigger question could be, how are you saving? For me, the love for saving power the times has come when I see others save too. When I see platforms that encourage savings and have made it sound and seem cool to save like SocialPay, that alone makes its tick. You could be saving for a crowdfund or for a wedding. That could be a great boost for you.

While your peers might be taking out debt to buy fancy homes, top of the line cars, and tuition for Airfield to study graphics designing they can handle the fact that they don’t fit in. They have enough confidence to know that what they’re doing is the right thing for them. Have the confidence to spend and also have the confidence to save.


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