Frequently Asked Questions


1What is SocialPAY?
SocialPAY is a platform that combines the numbers on Social Media and the simplicity of Mobile Money Payments to expand your business at almost ZERO cost. Leverage your existing Social Networks to do business. At SocialPAY we strive to be the number one payment processing platform in Africa.
2What are the benefits of using SocialPAY?
Grow your market share by reaching-out to existing and potential customers on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter Accept payments using MTN and Airtel Mobile Money Accept Partial payments from customers as a deposit on goods and services offered FREE Real-time Statements showing all your financial transactions (deposits and withdraws) FREE stock / Inventory Management platform for your business FREE sms and email notifications for all purchases on made on SocialPAY
3Who can use SocialPAY?
Anyone interested in expanding their business to the Mobile frontline Anyone collecting money for Social Causes (Foundations, NGOs, Orphanages,) Anyone collecting money for events such as weddings and funerals Savings groups with members in diverse locations Anyone interested in advertising effectively to a technologically astute market. (Over 6.5 Million potential customers? )
4How much does it cost to join SocialPAY?
Joining SocialPAY as a merchant costs just 100,000.
5How do I become a Merchant?
Download the SocialPAY App from the PlayStore and Register. You can immediately create and share links for using the SocialPAY Application. You will need to provide KYC documents to become a verified SocialPAY Merchant
6What KYC documents are required to become a verified merchant?
Fill-out the Merchant Application Form Provide a copy of your valid documents (National ID/ Driving Permit/ Passport ) Provide a copy of your Certified business documents (Trading License/Certificate of Incorporation / Company Form 7)
7How do I create a link?
Click on the Link Icon within SocialPAY and follow the instructions.
8How do I share my link?
After creating a link, simply click on the Share button and share the link to the different Social Media platforms (Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter)
9Why should I promote my link?
Promoting your link allows you to reach out to customers beyond your existing Social Networks. You can advertise your products or collection objective to consumers outside your social Network thus effectively growing your business or collections.
10How do I promote my links?
Click on the link you would like to promote – Select the Promote button and enter the amount of Money you would like to invest in promoting your link
11How much does it cost to promote a link?
Only UGX 35 per click. Meaning that you will spend only UGX 35 to directly market product / service / idea to the public An investment of UGX 350,000 will drive your idea /product / service to 10,000 potential customers
12How do I cash-out my money?
Click on the Cash-out icon and enter the amount of money you would like to withdraw. Enter your SocialPAY PIN to authorize the withdrawal to your MTN or Airtel Mobile Money account
13When can I access my money?
You can access your money anytime. Simply click on the Cash-out icon and follow the instructions
14Can my money be transferred to my bank account?
Yes, your money can be transferred to your bank account. Visit the SocialPay Office to fill out the Standing order forms. We shall liquidate your funds to your bank account as agreed
15How Secure is SocialPay?
Our underlying technology is PCI-DSS certified. All transactions have two way encryption and our service availability is guaranteed at 99.999%. In simple terms, SocialPAY is very secure and reliable with a full trained and qualified team to support the business
16Where are SocialPay offices Located?
We are located on 4th Floor , Krish Mall Bugolobi, Suite 40C. Plot 122, Spring Road, Bugolobi
17What is the SocialPay helpline?
+256 778 910 676 or +256 757 692 677